DVD Maker Pro-DVD Creator Burn App Reviews

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Absolute rubbish, don’t waste your money

I’m a professional video editor/videographer and trying to use this piece of crap program is the absolute worst. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I’m going to beg Apple to refund my money, I’ve wasted too much time trying to figure this excrement out. Good job, whoever made this app, you’re making tons of money on the crappiest app ever made.

stealing my money

they keeping taking 14.99 like every week out of my bank out what a scam i paid for the app the first time why do they keep charging me.

Great app

Easy to use to make looping videosGreat basic DVD craetion tool. Can create DVDs without menus for continuos looping play. Serves my purposes very well. Could have a better, more professional interface, but that is really no big deal


I still can’t get this program to load Video_TS or videos with the extension .dvdmedia in order to burn them. If anyone knows how to do this please comment below this review on how to do it. I have contacted the company twice and get double talk back. They act like they don’t even know what I am asking!! Don’t buy this program. Still the best DVD/CD burner program is “Toast" - even as bad as it has become. A free one that works better than this one is called BURN.

Practical Solution

Needed to put together some family wedding videos and Apple has left us all out in the cold with no followup on iMovie and iDVD. After carefully checking out the alternatives and not wanting to spend alot of money on this, I decided on DVD Maker Pro. Yes the instructions are a little sketchy, and getting through the setup was definitely trial and error, but in the end I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of the end product. Sound editing, adding of music is inconsistent, making it almost impossible to add a sound track except in the menu pages. I think that with a little more polish, this could easily become a very good product.

Fairly Full-Featured, but Frustrating

This app was referred to me by a professional photographer who used it to share her videos; she preferred it to others because it has more rich options in creating the menu screen how you’d like it. That seems a clear strength; however, when I tried to change from having all my videos run simultaneously on the menu screen to showing just a photo or brief clip, I couldn’t find that option, and the extremely limited help and tutorial don’t provide an answer. Lots of user interface choices in this app are what I’d call “semi-intuitive”, in that I could guess them but often there were other options I’d consider more logical or standard. Once you’ve designed the disk, strap in: on a 2017 iMac with 32GB memory it took 2 hours to burn the first copy of a double-layer DVD (additional copies after that were 30 minutes each, IF you told it to burn one more copy the first time; otherwise, you’re back to square one and 2 hour jail). So, I seem to be in a love-hate relationship here. Toast seems simpler and maybe more dependable; this app is more flexible, more confusing, slower, but perhaps a flashier end product if you get comfortable with it.


It works, but reset the menu even you save it. Loose some files. that need to be fixed.

Easy to Use

I love this program. Easy to use, no fuss, no muss, no bother.

Better than what I expected from reviews to replace iDVD

Main reason for 4 star - For $19.99 … it does not seem like a PRO application as stated in itʻs name, but can still do all of what it says in the description if you are willing to learn by trial and error. The finished product will not seem like a PRO did it, but if you are a beginner and just want to be able to create something quick with a couple of menus, you wonʻt mind. If you are intermediate, you will be able to find work arounds. I feel like this is overpriced, but would be worth it with a few more tweaks mentioned below. Currently, it should be a $14.99 with a sales price of $9.99 based on other available apps that do not do this much and charge those prices. (My opinion - those apps should be $1.99 to $2.99 at most) Iʻve used this program for less than a 24hour period and have created/saved a project in both DVD and dvdmedia form on my work MacBook Air. Last year, when using the latest version of iDVD - it took me days and hours to create a DVD with three Menus. I had to spend hours consulting a friend to discover that the Themes used up most of the memory on a DVD. Once I scaled back to basics, I was finally able to import videos I had edited through iMovie. Because this application scales back to the very basics, I was able to create a DVD (Standard DVD set up) with over 30+ small video clips between 3 to 5 minutes. (Most of the videos are set at either 1080p HD at 60 fps or 720fps HD at 30 fps.) Using iDVD, I was only able to use my iMovie Videos compressed to 720 fps (3-4 minutes in length) and put on 15 small clips. This application allowed me to create a SubMenu of a video split into chapters so I can practice segments of a hula dance. However, you can only have up to 12 videos per Menu Page. So if you split a video up into Chapters for a Sub Menu, donʻt forget you are limited. It will also not save the video in full form, so you will have to add it again to a menu. Because most of the editing features are very basic, there are not very many choices in the Menu Background drop downs for me to use. If you have a small child and/or love holidays, you will have many to select from. This doesnʻt really matter, because the app lets you select photos from your computer or external hard drive. With smartphones today - you will have so many different choices for editing a background to make it work. I plan to create backgrounds using photoshops to make my future Hula Workshop DVD look sharper. Iʻd like to say more professional like current DVDʻs, but there are not moving parts in a Menu as an option. Thatʻs alright - it would have taken up too much memory. I havenʻt messed around with adding music. This seems easily enough, too. I did mess around with choosing the quality of the DVD. Because I selected “Standard” I was able to store many more videos. If I had chosen “Higher,” I would have had to delete videos. My next experiment will be to record my videos at a higher rate now that I upgraded to an iPhone 8 two weeks ago (as well as turn more phone horizontal - rookie mistake). I noticed that videos that I added from this phone were much clearer at the Standard burning. Of course those were at 1080 fps while the other videos that I doctored with iMovie and iPhone 5 and 6 are recorded at 720 fps. More importantly, after trying to create a project with iDVD and then burn it last year - it would take me hours. This application will take between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours to burn if the project has many menus and submenus as well as many videos. To me after last yearʻs adventure with iDVD, this was quick and let me know as Iʻm working if I have too many items. Features that need to be added but I found a work around for now: 1. A button that lets you go back to the Main Menu. 2. An easier way to arrange the order of “Chapters” when creating a Submenu. The videos just randomly appear on the page, most stacked on top of each other but not in viewing order. My fix was to click on the “Edit” button of each video and then look at the start time in one of the options for editing the video. I actually didnʻt play around with that feature - so Iʻm guessing that is why I noticed a start time. 3. After viewing a “Chapter” in Play Mode in all formats there needs to be the ability to easily go back to itʻs menu page. Instead, with the DVD - I can only press the Top Menu and go back to the First Main Menu page. (I discovered this by trial and error.) Otherwise, if I want to go to the previous or next chapter then I have to select the “Next” or “Prev” button. When I used the dvdmedia format on my computerʻs DVD app - I could move and jump if I went to my menu bar at the top of the screen, Click “GO” and then select “Title” and pick a number - Guessing the order they were showing up in Menu View through this app. I look forward to an update on this app to fix these problems. 4. Iʻm pretty sure that if your chapters in a submenu go over the 12 video limit, the video might not burn. I didnʻt take a chance to figure this out because a warning comes up no matter what to remind you that each menu can only hold 12 videos. Therefore, I created a separate menu page for each video that would have a chapter submenu. I really appreciated the more recent reviews to help me choose this app. Being able to use the lite version first helped me compare what I already knew from working with iDVD. The watermark was annoying when burning, so I tried out the lite of another one (I think it was Creator DVD Lite). I was basing my trial and error on ratings and price. The PRO versions both cost the same amount, but the second one did not add a watermark. After trying out both, I went with this one even though the other looks like it has more bell and whistles. This one was quicker to figure out without the help feature. (Past reviews warned that the help menu was not usable.)

DVD Production

So far So Good. Easy to Use and Navigate. There are a lot of hidden tools to enhance your product.

Neede to Make DVD on an iMac

When I could not burn a DVD from iMovie 10.1.9, this program came to my rescue. It was easy to use and when the file was too large, I split them and made 2 DVDs. Thank you for helping those of us who need to make an occasional DVD.

Very Upset

I bought this to make DVDs as goodbye gifts for my students. No matter how many different discs I try, or how I edit the video, no DVD will convert passed 55%. I am extremely upset, as I put a lot of effort into making the video slideshow and have limited time left to create the DVDs. I really do not want to waste the money and purchase another program for this one project… very disappointed and hoping to figure something out.

Not as Good as iDVD…C’est la vie

I found this app looking for a way to burn my projects to DVD. On the plus side it is easy to use and customization on this app was a plus. Then major reservation I have about this app is the sound quality of my movies, much of the audio had static overtones especially if the the music is of higher decibel level. Furthermore the light version places a huge watermark across the video that is burned unless the full version is purhahsed. I would have rated this app higher if the sound quality of my burned DVDs wasn’t so horrible.

Excellent App

This is such a great app. Everything you need in a DVD burning program. Very easy to use and very efficient

Perfect replacement for iDVD

This app was a lifesaver. I needed a way to burn my iMovie onto DVD’s, since iDVD is no longer an option. This app worked perfectly and the final dvd’s were crisp, clear and high quality. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job. The help screen/directions were definitely written by someone whose first language is not English, but it actually wasn’t that hard to figure out. If you are using iMovie, you need to save your movie to your desktop first (using Share Project—File), which does take some time, but after that, you should be good to go. I will be using this app again and would absolutely recommend it.

I love this program

I use this program to make slide shows and iMovies of my clients that I take pictures of. They love having the ability to have their pictures and/or iMovies play in their dvd players. I highly recommend this for making your own dvd.



I miss iDVD

The program is tricky to use at first but once you get going it is ok. There needs to be more MENU background options. I miss iDVD they had the most beautiful background that were interactive and fresh. There is a lack of “fresh” and exciting backgrounds with this program. I make movies every year and I am always a little disappointed in the quality from this program. It will do in a pinch…. but not for long term...

I do NOT recommend this app.

I was easily able to add videos and pictures to the video. Unfortunately there's no way to delete indivual photos. You must start over. This is a huge inconvenience. I make DVD’s every year and tried this app for the first time. I am NOT impressed and do not recommend this app.

Extremely Easy to Use

This program is extremely easy to use! I love that it can create a video that will play on nearly any home use DVD player or game console. Being able to put my own pictures as the splashscreen background is important to me, and I love that I can add my own choice of music to that splashscreen as well. The options are easy to decipher and the results are amazing.

Gets the job done...

Not as good as iDVD, no amazing menu template options, and seems a little clunky. I just upgraded to the lastest update, and I could not open a previous project that I saved so that may be an issue for some. I’ve used it for a couple of years now to help my wife make DVDs for her kindergarten end-of-year celebrations. I’ve tested the DVD on our Mac, xBox and Samsung Blu-ray players. Works without a hitch.

User Manual Anyone?

I am burned out on using this software simply in the two days attempting to make my first DVD (with help from friends too.) The only way to figure out the program is to watch a 9min youtube that moves extremely quickly and you can’t even see what is happening the best. A simple guide you can access and read online or print if you want to make notes would be helpful. If the company can provide access to written instructions…it may be a great purchase. Without these, it will remain a waste of $25 and I would not recommend anyone purchasing until a user guide is made available. The program isn’t that user friendly. Apple APP store…..this one is a let down.

This delivers !

I needed a simple,easy to use program to burn DVDs from Iphone video, this one worked well for me. Thank You !

has done what i needed

I need a good program to add chapters and burn home movies to dvd, which were playable on a a dvd player. This program has done the job consistently. I have tried other programs but this has become my go-to.

Works Great!

Went through 6-7 different DVD making programs and this one came out on top. Sizing menu images and sizing menu text works well, buttons all work, menu background image imported perfectly. DVD burned and worked flawlessly first time through. Highly recommended. Only thing I would improve is to have a numeric scale for sizing menu images and text. The text is ok, you can set one size and apply to all, but would be nice just to set a numeric value.

I use this often

This app has worked great for me. You can add chapters, and create basic menu screens. Many of the other apps I have tried were problemactic, but this one works.

Works Well

Like many others, my comment is, it’s not as good as iDVD, but then it’s only $25 bucks! If you want better, you probably will need to pay more. I found it fairly intuitive with lots of nice features. As for the directions written by someone whose first language isn’t English, well, who reads directions? LOL Good luck!

It’s good, needs better translations in manual

Not too intuitive, but was able to make a decent slideshow with music and burn to DVD. The manual was not too helpful because of fractured translations.

Pretty Darn Good

So far I have had pretty good success accomplishing what I wanted to with DVD Pro.

still miss iDVD

This program gets the job done, but I still miss iDVD. The menu creation leaves a lot to be desired as far as customization, but it gets the job done. The dvd’s are good quality that I have burned so far and it is fairly easy to figure out how to make a dvd.

Great Product/DVD MakerPro

I needed this product like at the last minute, really like the next morning. Product did exactly as advertised. Had to burn a quick DVD. Some families still prefer this format at this time. Again, Great Product.

You can’t beat it...

This is a simple, very functional and reasonably priced software. I have been previosly using iDVD, but since Apple dropped the ball in recent OSs, I stop using it. I am really impressed with DVD Maker Pro. They give you an opportunity to fully evaluate the program with the lite version which is just like the Pro version, except the burned DVD will have a watermark. The manual maybe basic but if you play with the software for few minutes you will be able to quickly figure it out even with out reading the manual. It is a perfect mate for iMovie.


I know nothing about making a video from recordings I made of my daughter’s play and this was as simple as could be!!!

Easy to use.

Just down loaded the app and it worked!

Worth The Price

I am not very experienced, only used iDVD previously. Takes a little bit to learn, but not too bad. Two things that I consider glitches. Videos that I edited with MPEG Streamclip or Quicktime 7 and then save without re-encoding do not play right in DVD Maker even though they play perfectly with other software. The video and sound are out of sync. I had to export them, thus re-encode them with either MPEG Streamclip or Quicktime 7 first, which takes a while, but then they work right in DVD Maker. The second glitch is that when the disk is played on my Bluray player or my DVD player, the munu is not quite right. The highlighted area indicating which item is selected does not line up right with the item. If an image menu item is in the upper part of the screen, the highlighted area covers the item plus a little bit above the item. If an image menu item is in the lower part of the screen, the highlighted area covers the item plus a little bit below the item. If the item is text only, sometimes the highlighted area doen't cover the item at all.



Pretty Good

Worked with OSX High Sierra 10.13.2 on a Macbook Pro 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16GB Ram. Missing a few basic features like copy/paste in the menu screen, font memory, but overall pretty solid. For DVD the quality is fair.

Easy to use

Its quite easy to use. There are just a few details that i would make easier like how to delete or remove pictures or how to fix the menu page. A how to video would be a good idea. The basic things are easy to figure out. Editing is still a little hard but this app is definitely easier to use then other video editing apps.

Works well when others fail.

This is a great go-to app that may be slower, but gets the job done when others fail. It can use standard DVD-R’s when some require DVD+R DL, which discs may have lower quality control.

Fantastic app!

Fantastic app! Easy to figure out, easy to use, and the finished dvds look great.

Not perfect…but good enough for what I need.

I needed to burn some dvds for my Club. User friendliness: I had to figure it out from the start. I’m not a hardware (or software) person. There are no instructions and it’s not blatantly obvious what to do. After that it was very easy to burn 60 dvds. Quality: The quality lacks a little bit as the burned dvd’s are not as crisp and clear as what is on my computer. The audio is GREAT! Speed: I was burning a 33 minute dvd and it too about 35 minutes. Is this slow? It WAS very quiet while working! Nice surprise! Like I said, for what I needed, it was perfect.


Easy to use and video quality is good.

So many options out there. App store had a solution.

I went looking for a program to burn a simple DVD - no chapters, just a one page menu. I had purchased Rixio’s Toast 11 years ago, but they don’t let you get it again - you have to pay $100+ for the new one. I tried Burn. It worked, but too simple. I always forget to check the app store. This app had mixed reviews, but for the price, it is nice. Read all of the reviews and decide. For what I was doing, it works with my external Samsung burner. I am a graphic designer, so most of my visual work on the menu travelled through Photoshop/InDesign. If you don’t have that going for you, maybe you’ll have a different experience.

Wedding Videographer 240-355-3380

Thank you to hwo created this sotfware, now i can finish my video with a lot of confidence and my customers see me like a pro that i am Thank


No problems at all.

Did the Job

After scouring the internet for a low cost DVD creator, this did the trick. Importantly, I needed one that had the ability to create submenus - I have many small videos that I wanted to be able to organize. Highlights: - The lite version gives you a way to demo the full software, with a watermark of course. - You can create submenus - You can make basic edits to buttons and frames - easy to add files - Once you get the hang of it, organizing files in the menu structure is pretty intuitive - one nice feature is the ability to merge files, so when you place a bunch of shorter clips in one file “tree”, they all play back seamlessly Drawbacks: - Can take a bit to get the hang of - features pretty rudimentary Overall, I experienced no crashes or bugs. Was creating DVDs in no time. I paid $15, which I think is quite reasonable when most programs are at least twice that

Burns DVDs quickly

After fustration with previous dvd burners that previously worked great but no longer worked with Sierra, I was happy to have a low cost burner that gets the job done quickly. Dvd burns much faster than iDVD. Not as many fancy gadgets as previous burners, but my iMovie production didn’t really need much more than simple burning. I also like that this program has fairly easy to use chapters for easy accessing on most dvd players when added to the submenu. For larger videos choose high for burning rather than best resolution (which requires much more dvd space). Dvds work perfectly on tvs, dvd players and computers. Quality of finished DVDs is very good.

Very pleased

I just used this app for the very first time and was extremely happy with it. Past experience left me very skeptical but I found the app very user friendly and was very happy with the end product. I found this app to be easy to use. I would recommend it.

Just buy Roxio

The software is not intuitive, and the final video quality is terrible! I wished I just put my money towards Roxio. The final product is not acceptable quality. I give it 2 stars because it did burn the DVD.

1st use- so far so good.

Picture quality not the greatest. But easy to use and gets the job done that Imovie cant seem to do.

It works, but not intuitive

It does what it says - takes source material and burns DVDs. It does this well. The menus and processes were not intuitive, at least for me. Figuring out how to edit menus and submenus was time consuming because the software does not support right/click menus nor does it have extensive drop down menus. One the whole, the software was worth the price and will do the work.

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