DVD Maker Pro-DVD Creator Burn App Reviews

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Absolute rubbish, don’t waste your money

I’m a professional video editor/videographer and trying to use this piece of crap program is the absolute worst. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I’m going to beg Apple to refund my money, I’ve wasted too much time trying to figure this excrement out. Good job, whoever made this app, you’re making tons of money on the crappiest app ever made.

So far so good

Just ripped my first DVD and no problems! A little slow and no directions for the 4 star.

It is a Great app

I as looking for an app to burn dvd and was Blessed to come across this one and IT WORKED PERFECTLY…. Thank you so much and please keep up the Great work. I’m very pleased with it and look forward to using it a lot in the future…..

Burns DVDs quickly

After fustration with previous dvd burners that previously worked great but no longer worked with Sierra, I was happy to have a low cost burner that gets the job done quickly. Dvd burns much faster than iDVD. Not as many fancy gadgets as previous burners, but my iMovie production didn’t really need much more than simple burning. I also like that this program has fairly easy to use chapters for easy accessing on most dvd players when added to the submenu. For larger videos choose high for burning rather than best resolution (which requires much more dvd space). Dvds work perfectly on tvs, dvd players and computers.

Top Notch

It is so good to be able to put all of my mp4 files on to a disk and watch on the TV. Thanks for an easy to use and very workable product.

Basic DVD burner

This is a basic DVD burning tool. I selected it on the basis of the fairly good reviews and it’s reasonable price. I am quite happy with it. Even though you can produce DVD menus with it, I have been using it to produce menu-less DVDs for use in the rear entertainment system in my Odyssey. That way I can just pop the movie in the player I don’t have to guess about the title that is playing and the toddlers don’t have to operate the remote.

Does a job at covering the basics. YouTube tutorial needs WORK!

It OK. It does a basic job. Disappointed that the finished DVD, when played, hesitates at each of the chapter markers when playing it thru. Maybe it’s me but I cannot find how to get the names in the tree to show up on a Blu-Ray player or another DVD player. The Menu option names are there but when backed out to the basic DVD format tree, there’s only Title 1, Title 2, etc. I’m using Sierra on a MacBookPro Mid2012, purchased December 2015. But it DOES work, once I watched the YouTube video tutorial, stopping/starting/pausing and trying to see instructions in such a small screen. Tutorial mouse clicks are too quick and there is no mouse tail to help follow where he’s going to click. Should be SLOWED WAY down! Suggestion: Have the app save the project in a way that can be burned from the saved project without it having to re-convert it for every disc you want burned. It’s a pretty good product, hopefully it will continue to get even better. Thank you for a good start of a product MUCH needed!


The program is versatile and easy to use — once you figure it out on your own. The settings are not very intuitive and the instructions were written by someone who apparently is not very fluent in English. After figuring out how to use it, I really liked it — until I viewed the finished product on my HDTV. The videos are not as sharp & crisp as are videos burned with Roxio Titanium Toast. When I used my own high resolution photo as a background for the intro page, it displayed with espeically poor quality. It appears that the final product is a fairly high quality “standard” definition, but not High Definition. I’m back back to Roxio with its cumbersome & limited intro screen, but with significantly higher quality videos – at more than 10X the price of this one. I would recommend this only if you are interested in something inexpensive and which produces fairly good “standard” defintion videos.

Works as advertised

I was ticked when I finished my task on iMovie only to find I could not share the project on a dvd. I searched through the many choices and settled on this ap. Glad I did. Easy to use with little or no instruction. Just finished watching the dvd with others and it is a success. Everyone was impressed and I am too.

My replacement for Toast

This is a review of version 3.4.6. Love this app. These days, Toast, even on a fast machine is slow and cumbersome. DVD Maker Pro is fast and smooth. Toast has a few more bells and whistles but DVDMP is perfect for my needs. Backgrounds, music, movie tracks, photos and text can all be brought together quickly and very easily; just drag and drop to create terrific DVDs. I export right out of iMovie and drag the .MP4 file onto DVDMP, add a background menu pic and text and hit burn. I have never made a coaster with this program. MUCH faster than Toast to render and burn a DVD. I use a 2016 13” MacBook Pro with 10.12.6 Sierra, a 2GHz Intel core i5 and 8 gigs of ram. iMovie 10.1.6 and DVDMP 3.4.6. If you’re looking for a DVD creation program, this is it. Easy to learn and use. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!!!

Missing IDVD

In the first place I do not understand why IDVD was not kept on - it worked successfully and I liked and miss it. IDVD had great menu pictures and music to open a slideshow and movie. It took me a long time to figure this one out and most of the menu pictures are awful and no music. Another tI hing I miss is that it gave the timing of how long it would take to make a DVD and I also miss that because I can make a plan for the interval. I have been 100% successful in burning DVD”s.I have now given up the idea of a Cover Page - I learned to use it but I would set it up and it would look good and as soon as I burned a disc the Cover Page looked awful - the colors were smeared on the video. I am now bypassing it and just burning my Slideshow. That works great. I sure wish I had IDVD back~

Simple and Easy to use

This app is very user friendly and fast. Thank you for making such a good app so affordable.

It just works

After wasting 2 days trying to get iDVD to work I finally downloaded this App. Unlike iDVD, it just works. It may not have the fancy screens that iDVD has but it gets the job done.

Love it!

Super easy. Had daughters theatre performances recorded on iPhone but could not get them to DVD. This app is totally worth it!

Not intuitively obvious - needs better documentation

This was only an okay program. The help documents are translated from another language and hard to follow. It also didn’t offer to burn a second DVD like iDVD did. The ‘play’ buttons seemed to be randomly added and it didn’t make sense on the screen: why one would look like a regular play button (triangle) and the next one looked like the fast forward to the end button (triangle with a verticle line). The instructional video was just a series of screen shots with clicking sounds very much like a person saying ‘all you do is click here and here and here and here and you’re done!’ without actually showing you what you are clicking. I did eventually bumble my way into getting the DVD burned but it wasn’t pretty.


I have been attempting to burn iphone videos to dvd for two days now. This application allows you to rotate your videos so that they appear upright on the screen instead of sideways like on many other apps. However, this takes such a long time to do for individual videos. Also, if you try to burn more than 12 videos, you will receive an error that you need to add more menu pages. As you can imagine, this can add up to 20+ menu pages if you have a hundred short iphone videos. Lastly, I have not been able to create a successful dvd burn yet. It goes through the course of burning for over an hour only to give me an error at 99% completion.


Purchased this program primarily because I wanted to add chapters to a home video and not spend a lot of money. It has delivered in that regard. At first I was confused about how to move an imovie file to this program, however, after first sharing the movie to iTunes I was able to drag the movie directly from iTunes into the DVD Maker Pro window. The you tube support video I thought was a little too fast paced for my liking; also, audio would have definitely helped.

Burn Error

Worked fine for 4-5 burns, then burn error every time. Just wasted 4 disc. No real help or support.

Life Saver!!!!

OMG! This was my last and final app to create a DVD. Wondershare which I paid a premium for doesn’t event work anymore. The cheap one created a DVD but was unable to play. Hours later and load of frustration I see this one. I read the reviews but the $15 is what scared me. Let me say, I create one 40 min DVD and I’m in love with this. It saved me a whole bunch. Thanks guys! I hope this app never goes away.

Can’t Burn to DVD from iMovie file

I purchased this software and after several hours of trying, the same error message (disk fail to burn) not allowing the file to covert and burn to disk. The program the movie was created from was Imovie a .mp4 file and I can’t seem to get assistance. Very frustrated!

Simple, but works

No fancy features here, but that is not what I was looking for. Makes simple DVD’s, without taking overnight, which is what I was looking for. Easy to use and it works. Allows you to flip video orientation and other minor edits. Perfect for what I needed!

works good; more than just basic

I got fluent with DVDStudioPro, and this app comes very close to that functionality. One big problem is the lack of text editing. Can’t change line spacing, or alignment, but this can be avoided by using a menu image with the text already built in. Help file not written by fluent English speaker…



So Far So Good

I have my Mac filled with videos and photos of my family, my wife still wants DVD’s so I was looking something to put everything of DVD and this has been simple. I have iCloud, backed Apple TV and everything else to have everything on there, but it’s nice to put it on…I guess now old school DVD and have it as well, use this with items I make on IMovie and then add to this program and it’s even simple for me and I’m not even close to a computer person.

Great app and extremely helpful support!!

I bought this app because a previous one I purchased (that was actually more expensive) started giving me issues. This app was really to figure out, and I had a menu page created for my iMovie created within minutes! I’m not a tech savvy person at all. It also burned my movie to the DVD really fast. It turned out great! I had a question for the creator (turns it was something to do with my DVD player and not even the app), but he was super helpful and patient with me. He responded immediately and tried to help me out by sending directions and screen shots. I definitely recommend this app 100%. I just wish I knew about this one sooner!

Works Great and I use it a lot

Works Great. Well worth it. Has fancy menues or no menu…. Burns Well!

Basically works but is painful to use

It did successfully burn my dvd, but the user interface is awful and it's missing some basic functionality. If you have, for example, a folder of 10 TV episode files, you navigate to the folder to add them to DVD Maker, where they show up as 10 titles in a list ("Title 1," "Title 2," etc). DVD Maker automatically creates a DVD menu with 10 thumbnails -- except 10 don't fit on one screen at the default size, so thumbnails 5-10 are stacked on top of each other. You can move them around and resize them, but there's *nothing* displayed with a thumbnail that indicates which title it's for. Even if you open a thumbnail's "edit" mode, not a single piece of information showing which title or filename it points to. And of course that makes it pretty useless as a menu because imagine sticking a DVD in your player and being presented with a bunch of cryptic thumbnails with no other information. You can add text on the menu anywhere you want, so you could put a title below each thumbnail manually if you knew which was which, but you don't. I ended up adding one title to the list at a time, manually creating a text block for each title as I added it (so I could keep track of which title it was) and formatting the text so it wasn't giant -- each time. If all the text blocks are created already you can click "format all text like this one" but that's useless because if you don't format each one as you add it, you have a jumble of giant overlapping blocks. I split up the titles onto 3 menu pages since that was marginally less hassle than resizing each thumbnail indivudually so they all fit on one page. DVD Maker is worth about $7.99.

WASTE of good money.

IT is NOT a good replacement of iDVD. iDVD was good for new users, user friendly and a lot of themes, helps and easy to use. THIS is like the bamboo scaffolds in Thailand, bare minimum and hard to use. I swear I wont go to APP from iTunes, as they let stuff like this show up on their site as useable. miDVD is another tool, cheaper, and better… I wish I could get my money back. But the hoops and effort to do so are all up hill. UGH. And so iTunes won;t post this as it is inadequate. Did NOT burn the sound to the DVD Zhang did a horrible thing.

Works Fine - no problems

Don’t know what I can add. I have burned many DVDs with several versions and never had any difficulties. Learning curve isn’y very high and I should think most people would be able to get into the routine after just a few trials. No complaints here.

Horrible App

I first downloaded the free version of this, and when I was finally able to burn a dvd, the watermark from this company was huge and smack dab in the middle of the screen through the entire video. So much for free. So I purchased the $14.99 version, and I can’t even get a dvd to burn now, but I have a lot of wasted dvds as it quit part way through.


We only use iMovie once in a while and downloaded the newest version. We spent a day trying to get iDVD to work and got so frustrated. I downloaded this little gem and it worked like a charm. Super easy - no challenges!

No chapter menu available when adding chapter markers to the movie

This software looks promising… . If you want chapters though, you can either select “Add chapters to movie” or “Add chapters to submenu”. It won’t use the chapter markers from a Final Cut Express/Pro-made “.mov" file. If you choose “Add chapters to a sub menu", the play button will take you to the submenu rather than play the movie from the beginning. If you add the markers to the movie, you get no sub-menu. The only way to get both is to add your movie onto the DVD twice, which takes up twice the space. And when you navigate to a chapter in the movie via the chapter menu, it considers that chapter “Chapter 1”, and it you can’t rewind earlier than that. Why not have the play button actually play the movie starting from Chapter 1 rather than take the user to the submenu, and have the sub-menu take you to the chapter menu where you can start from any chapter? To me, this would mostly fix the software. It would also be nice to be able to • Add DVD Rom contents (like a picture folder) • Add a movie instead of a still image for the background

Easy - just a few clicks

Thank you all - this was a simple easy solution to taking a series of videos and stiching them together for playback. This is a perfect if you want to play a variety of content on a DVD at a trade show. Thanks!

Great app

Easy to use to make looping videos

Just what you’re looking for

Add titles, chapters, and organize your all your video media. Supports the most used file formats. GREAT.

It works :)

I was able to figure out fairly quickly how to create a useable DVD, with the necessary title and subtitle screens, labeling, etc… I think the program is way ahead of other DVD making programs and I hope in the future to see ways of simplifying the editorial process (i.e. sizing of frames at at once). Unfortunately, I’d spent money on other programs that were useless… I use this one all the time and enjoy it!

It deserves a 6 stars.

After weeks of trying DVD burning apps, DVD Maker Pro did it on the very first try. The quality of both the video and the sound is quite stunning. All of my pre-DVD burning production utilizes Adobe Premiere Elements 15; by creating a MP4 file in Premiere and using DVD Make Pro to burn the DVD, the results are amazing. Best money I’ve spent on an app this year!

Pretty darn good.

I was pleasantly surprised at the job this software did. I took a Final Cut Pro video and created a DVD with this SW. As mentioned by other viewers, the Help fie was written by an obviously non-English speaking person. You have to re-read it a bit to understand it. It is also WAY too short - there are a number of items I still haven’t figured out. Also, the Help video goes very fast. I downloaded it, slowed it down, and reviewed about 5 times. It’s still not totally clear. Pluses - it tells you how much space is needed for your video; it allows you to select your output resolution (so you can fit it on a DVD); it allows you to create some pretty good menus (not fantastic, but OK). Minuses - I would like to see a few more features. Getting a 2nd menu page is very confusing. It produced a great 40 minute DVD for me in about 10 minutes.

Could not be easier, plus a lot of options to customize.

Just needed something to burn some YouTube videos to DVD. No more iDVD on the Mac. Tried a couple of the free apps. No good. Spend the cash and get one that works, plus has enough options for menus and pictures in case you want to get serious.

Issues with the Menu Page Feature

I burned a DVD with thirty-one mp4 files of Super 8 home movies converted to digital files. The DVD Maker Pro program states that one menu page cannot take more than 12 titles/videos, so I created three menu pages. I meticulously resized and organized the video thumbnails and gave each thumbnail a title, on every menu page. It’s easy to click and switch between menu pages in the program while using it on a computer, but not when you’re playing your creation back on a DVD player. There is no way to switch from the first menu page to the second or the third, using the DVD remote. I have played the DVD in several DVD players. There was no button I could push on any of the DVD remotes to make the TV screen show the second or third menu pages. Putting a play button on the menu page or an arrow on a menu page counts as a title, but I didn’t know that until I emailed the support team. The buttons are not functional and can’t be clicked on or selected with a DVD remote. I am very happy all of my video files successfully burned to the DVD. I just wish the menus when viewed on the DVD player worked better.

An OK iDVD Replacement

You might wonder why I said this is an OK iDVD replacement. First of all I would like to say, this really is a pretty good program! I've downloaded several DVD authoring programs. This one actually produces a fairly impressive DVD. However, it is not very intuitive. And, it doesn't have the themes that iDVD has. For the money, you are really getting a very robust program. But, be prepared to watch the help videos over and over and over and over and over again! Once you get the swing of it, you will really enjoy using the program. With this program you are able to generate very impressive slide presentations with the fact that you would have to get using Apple’s Motion. It also does a pretty good job of creating clickable links for chapter navigation. It provides options for generating hi to low quality DVDs. That's important because it will allow you to burn DVDs that are very large. This of course might require Dual Layer DVD’s. Or you can reduce the quality and fit your movie on a single layer faster burning DVD. In all, this program produces high quality results. I just combined a Trailer and slide show (produced using iMovie) with a feature length Wedding Video (produced using Final Cut Pro). These were all burned onto one Dual Layer DVD with an added Slide Show produced using this program. Prior to this, I was using iDVD. When that was no longer useable, I burned DVD’s using Final Cut Pro. Unfortunately, Final Cut does not specialize in DVD authoring. So, you can produce a DVD with it but not a very impressive one. You can’t go wrong with this program. I will upgrade my rating to 5 when they make it more Mac like and intuitive.


This app worked great to burn my IMovies to a DVD & I am new to this kind of thing.


Served its purpose. Self explanatory!


Always miffed at the discontinuation of iDVD being as I bought and paid for a Mac primarily because it had film production capabilities…Oh well, I wonder when the next upgrade is going to make the rest of the Mac programs I bought obsolete? However, although this DVD converter is a little slow and lacks a bit on the instructional side it gives great results with a minimal perseverance. I give it five stars and say thanks to the producers…Cheers Me Dears!

Did what I needed - Burned an iMovie to DVD

Saved my life! I created a photo slide show with audio (music) for the sister-in-law using iMovie for nephew's high school graduation. Planned to upload to icloud and use apple TV to run video at graduation party. Next thing you know photos and another song got added and BOOM we were over 15 minutes (can’t upload to the cloud for access on other devices). Saved the project as a video and used this app to burn a DVD in about 10 minutes (didn’t actually time it). Saved the day. THANK YOU!

Finally a solution to no more iDVD!!

I have been pulling my hair out trying to burn DVD’s though my old version of iDVD, it no longer is compatible with iMOVIE. I have tried so many other softwares that have not worked, but this one DOES!! Saved me!

good basic program

basic but overall good program. took some playing around with it to figure out functions but overall pretty intuitive.

Works as promised.

I was an avid user of iDVD and used it primarily to burn self start looping DVDs. Once I upgraded to Sierra iDVD no longer worked. This program has proven to be a life saver for me. Great value for the money and it works flawlessly.

Easy to Use and Worked

We needed to burn a DVD now that iDVD is dead. This worked so we were very happy.

very dissapointing

the high quality option doesnt work, neither the standard most of the time. It takes forever to save a project… It takes too long to burn and just qhen you are at 52 percent it says it failed… I waisted my money with this app. Is there anyway to get my money back?

Absolute rubbish, don’t waste your money

I’m a professional video editor/videographer and trying to use this piece of crap program is the absolute worst. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I’m going to beg Apple to refund my money, I’ve wasted too much time trying to figure this excrement out. Good job, whoever made this app, you’re making tons of money on the crappiest app ever made.

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